Dj Kiss

  America's Hottest Kid Dj

Dj Kiss is Americas hottest Kid Dj. He has a love for music and really enjoys what he does. At 6 years old he went to Dj School at Astro Mix Lab and graduated with all adults. A year later, spinning the tables at 7 he started performing at parties and at his local city park. Then it moved to birthdays, concerts, parades and school tours. Currently on 4 school tours. Kiss is the Official Dj for Nick Cannons Celebrity high Magazine. The Official Dj for Steve Lobel’s We Working school tour. Motivating, Inspiring and Empowering the youth. He also performs with The P.A.C.E. Anti-Bullying tour and the infamous School Tour with Randy Hankins.

   Kiss has had the great opportunity to hang and perform with great celebrities in the music industry. He spins all Generes of music to please all the crowds everywhere. Dj Kiss loves to give back to the community by visiting the kids all over and giving out gifts to them. He also has done Charity events to help fund and find the cures for Breast Cancer, Leukemia and Cystic fibrosis.

    DJ Kiss's parents are very supportive and teaches him the importance of the marketing and business sides of the industry with no pressure, along with letting him be the kid that he is by playing with the other kids and joining the city league football team.

    Dj Kiss enjoys successfully hyping up his parties and crowds. His musical style reflects his influences from Hip Hop / Rap / EDM / and Pop.

    He hopes that his bold unique colors, hats, and clothing will establish him as an influential figure in kid’s fashion. 2015 is a busy year for Dj Kiss with over 100 events pre-booked and counting. He is also working on producing and performing his own music, along with acting and modeling roles.



3-4 hours music

Concert speakers

2 Wireless Mics

Red Carpet





3 hours music

Concert Speakers

1 Wireless mic



3 Hours music

Concert Speakers

1 Wireless Mic